Epic primary school homework

Isaac gets homework at school. Simple stuff, mostly practicing numeracy and literacy.

Today’s was fun. We had to make a cake, cut it into 12 and sure it between four friends to practice dividing.

Aprons on!

Ingredients ready! There was reading to do here: Isaac read the recipe as we went along (literacy!)

We measured the tin to make sure it was the right size (numeracy!)

And we weighed out all of the ingredients which involved addition, subtraction and multiplication (to convert tablespoons to teaspoons as I couldn’t find a tablespoon measure) (numeracy galore!)

Mix, mix, mix.

Squish, squish, squish.

Hooray! Twelve pieces. (More maths/numeracy working out how to do this)

Sharing them out…

12 divided by 4 = ???

Yum yum! We like this kind of homework.

I should point out that it LOOKS like we ate it ALL. But we didn’t. Really… we didn’t.

Cooking, it turns out, has lots of opportunity for learning. Counting, multiplying, subtracting, reading, even some science as we talked about solids melting into liquids and how we could quickly cool the cake from being too hot to go in the fridge.

We had a lot of fun, and learned a lot.