This Dude

So. This dude. He just turned 7. Seven!!! Wow. What a journey. Gosh, we have had our struggles. And I’m grateful both to the dude himself and for the absolute rock that is my wife, Sally, for being so patient and unconditionally loving as we worked through those struggles. And…yes…I am gonna claim that I’m proud of myself for getting to where we are today too.

But…this dude…he has just astounded us in these last few weeks. I have really been putting off using up my few bragging rights until today when we can properly celebrate him. But he’s been amazing. And I feel like a lot of really very hard work has paid off.

This dude is smart. Not just clever. He doesn’t just know stuff. But he’s a curious explorer who tests us every day with his questions and works with us to help find the answers.

This dude is funny. Well…funny is in the eye of the beholder. But he does, for sure, have a very unique and clever sense of humour. And he’s a physical laugh-out-loud slapstick comedian too.

This dude is good. He finds it hard to express sometimes because he only has a seven-year-old brain, but his heart is good. He loves, respects, admires and protects people. Though he’ll argue on the details, he knows the broad brush strokes of right and wrong well and wants to do right, and wants to see others to right too. He is loving, affectionate and generous. He has good friends and has really persevered with being more outgoing this term and it’s been LOVELY to see.

This dude is creative. Oh so creative. His writing and drawing and crazy contraptions and Labyrinths and Minecraft and Scratch and treasure hunts and games and things-you-can-use-a-box-for and comics and books and jokes and stories never cease to amaze us. I fear the world will quash it, and I pray that he keeps it regardless.

This dude is beautiful. He is blessed with a lot of his mother’s looks, and even though he has my brow and my hair, he’s somehow ended up with this shocking head of blondeness and brilliant, intense blue-eyes.

We made it to seven. He and I and his mum and his little sister. And I celebrate us all today. But mostly I celebrate him.

I still visit him most nights as he sleeps and marvel at this spark-filled whirlwind of a character that we have been gifted the job of introducing to the world. And I’m so immensely grateful.

Happy Birthday Isaac. We love you so much.