Ross Wintle

About me

  • I am a skilled and experienced web developer.
  • I am passionate about helping charities, communities and businesses use technology to do good and bring about change.
  • I work freelance as a creator, engineer and advisor.


  • I am innovative and creative.
  • I have strong web development skills specialising in WordPress and PHP.
  • I mostly build websites, web-based tools, and applications…
  • …but my work builds charities, communities and businesses too.


  • I have been a web developer for 2 years.
  • I worked in IT operations for 8 years.
  • I have a good computer science degree and a background in software engineering.
  • I learn quickly and thrive on problem solving.


  • I enjoy working closely with clients.
  • My aim is to help people use technology to achieve their goals.
  • I have great non-technical skills.
  • I have run my own business, lead teams, managed projects and delivered training courses.

Work History

Web Developer and Technology Consultant

Freelance, trading as Oikos

June 2010 - Present

I work primarily in the charity, non-profit and e-campaigning sector, doing website development, technology consultancy, IT support and website hosting. I work for organisations both large and small both on my own and through a small digital agency.

Technologies and Skills:
  • WordPress development
  • (X)HTML and CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Website Hosting

I also give advice and help on using technology, including:

  • consultancy on using the web as a tool for communication
  • technical website support (domain management, DNS, hosting, etc)
  • configuration of collaboration tools such as file sharing applications and Google Apps suite
  • advice on use of social media, SEO, analytics, multimedia and general IT support
  • documentation, end user training and support of the sites created

I have many links in the sector and have taken part in charity and e-campaigning networks and conferences.

As a self-employed freelancer I am hard-working, committed, flexible, organised and passionate about helping my clients. My growing portfolio demonstrates that I have business, networking, communication and management skills as well as technical skills.

As a web developer I am constantly learning and developing, turning my hand to new technologies and problems, keeping up with trends in both technology and design, and sharing what I learn with others as I go.

You can find out more and see featured portfolio projects on the Oikos website

Hosting Management Systems Engineer

Cable & Wireless Worldwide PLC

2002 - February 2011

As part of the systems monitoring team, I was responsible for all aspects of the Cable & Wireless Hosting Monitoring Platform, and for ensuring the availability and performance of over 8000 servers and network devices.

My responsibilities included:

  • platform and product development
  • 2nd- and 3rd-line support of monitoring systems
  • systems administration on Windows & Unix servers
  • development and maintenance of scripts and tools
  • customer and supplier liaison and licence management.

I was team leader and represented my team in change and process-improvement programmes.

Software and Safety Engineer

Praxis Critical Systems Limited

1998 - 2002

At Praxis I was responsible for:

  • design, development, verification and validation of high-integrity and safety-critical software
  • product design, coding, documentation, and support
  • safety engineering/analysis; safety case development
  • delivery of technical training courses
  • project management, team leading, customer meetings, and bid support

Database Administrator

Kaisha Technology Limited

Easter and Summer Vacations 1997

I was employed as a full-time database administrator working on Oracle database on VAX VMS, including manning a customer service line and developing scripts and forms.


University of York

BEng Computer Science (2:1 Hons)

1995 - 1998

Key topics studied:

  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Language and complier design
  • Logic and mathematics
  • Analogue and digital electronics
  • Object-oriented and formal software design methods
  • User interface design

New College Swindon

A' Levels

1993 - 1995


  • Computing - grade A
  • Mathematics - grade A
  • Physics - grade B

Technical Skills

Web Development

WordPress Theme and Plugin Development, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, MS SQL, Apache, DNS

Web Tools

Blogs, Social Media, Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Apps

Server Administration

Unix (Oracle Solaris), Windows, Linux (RedHat, CentOS), VMWare ESX/VSphere

Systems Management Tools

BMC Patrol/Performance Manager, BMC Dashboard, BMC Portal, IBM Tivoli NetCool, HP Insight Manager, Symantec NetBackup, BMC Remedy Service Desk and others.

Scripting and Languages

PHP, Perl, batch files, Unix shell scripts, ASP, C, Ada, SPARK

Other Applications

I'm proficient in most office applications, including MS Project and Visio. Proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Some experience of Adobe Illustrator.

Other Skills

People and Management Skills

  • Team leadership
  • Project management
  • Supplier management
  • Development and delivery of training courses
  • Customer liaison, meetings and support
  • Bid writing and support

In addition, I'm a highly motivated individual, keen and quick to learn. I have good organisational skills and many years' experience of managing and prioritising a large and varied workload that includes both day-to-day and ongoing project work.


I have a wide range of other skills and experience from both inside and outside work:

  • Sports team captaincy and leadership of volunteer projects
  • Development and delivery of training courses for volunteer organisations
  • Committee member and treasurer for sports & social clubs and community groups

My first child, Isaac, arrived in December 2011 and my spare time currently revolves around him. When I do find time to myself I'm a keen cyclist, I attempt to grow food in my garden, and I play guitar. I am an active member of a small community church. I occasionally write about some of these things, and more, in my blog, and I've been an active Twitter user since before most people knew about it as @magicroundabout.