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  • Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields

    Some things I learned on my first in-depth WooCommerce build. Including how to do JavaScript logic on elements in the cart/price totals on the checkout page.

  • Laravel 8, Jetstream and learning Laravel

    For experienced Laravel developers, version 8 and Jetstream are really exciting. But as someone who wants to introduce people to Laravel as a way to build cool stuff, I really feel like there are some issues here.

  • Announcing Beyond WP

    WordPress developers: Today I’m opening sign ups to a newsletter I’ll be starting soon called Beyond WP. It will be a resource that brings developer tools and ideas from outside the WordPress ecosystem to WordPress developers.

  • LiveStreams: Discovering Gutenberg

    I'm live-streaming reviewing Gutenberg block-editor plugin releases and exploring new block editor features. Here's some info and thoughts on that.

  • What is “kindness”

    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the topic is "Kindness". In one online community I hang out in the question has been asked: "What does kindness mean to you?" I thought my answer was worth posting here in public. So...