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The Week: 11th Feb 2019

Well, phew! The snow melted quickly and we got straight into the first week of the new routine. Though it turns out there is no such thing as a “normal” week in our family. Work-wise some small projects have been… Continue Reading →

Going Vanilla – initial thoughts on building a theme with no build tools

I’m attempting to build a WordPress theme with no build tool using only “vanilla” CSS and JS. Here’s some initial thoughts I’ve had after getting started.

The Week: 4th February 2019

My week in projects, posts and pins!

Opinion: WordPress Gutenberg and the responsibility of owning a website

I had a realisation: WordPress isn’t focussed on agencies and developers right now – it wants users who can fend for themselves.

Improving internal communications – it’s a people problem…

Some useful experience and insight for people wanting to try to help improve communications in their teams.

The week: 28th January 2019

A weekly thing of writing up my week in posts (things I’ve written and made), projects (what I’m up to!) and pins (things I’ve bookmarked)

My new CSS framework: SUCSS!

Everyone is writing about CSS, and I work with CSS, so I guess I should write about CSS too. Here’s the new idea: SUCSS!

Not all software development processes are equal

Coding is easy / software engineering is hard – we need more engineers! Foreward: This post has been in my drafts for ages. I’m hesitant to publish because…well…how could little old me have a valid critique of such a software… Continue Reading →

Where do I fit?

I’m a bit stuck with my plans for 2019. The big question really, is: where do I fit in the world of web development?

Skirting the iOS/Safari audio auto-play policy for UI sound effects

In some cases involving asynchronous operations, Safari’s auto-playing media policies seem to prevent playing sounds, when playing them should be OK and when other browsers are fine with playing them. Here’s a dive into it with example code and a workaround!

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