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  • What is “kindness”

    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the topic is "Kindness". In one online community I hang out in the question has been asked: "What does kindness mean to you?" I thought my answer was worth posting here in public. So...

  • Laravel 5.7 upgrades break published email styles

    I’ve been updating some old Laravel apps and I just came across this issue with updating from 5.6 to 5.7. It’s noted in the upgrade docs (see “Template Theme”) but easy to miss. I know I’ll come across this again, so it’s worth noting here for the future. If you have published your mail templates […]

  • Tinkerwell for WordPress Developers

    Tinkerwell is a brilliant tool from the Laravel world that I believe can really help WordPress developers. Read up, watch my introductory video, and buy the darned thing!

  • Stepping up the security ladder

    Security - not just on computers, but in other places too - is a trade-off of convenience for safety. Which internet security level are you on? And what could you do to get to the next level?