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  • Things all developers need to make in their career #17: A static site generator

    There’s a sort-of-joke that there’s a bunch of things that all developers are supposed to code from scratch at some point in their career. A blog. A to-do list app. The “canonical” applications. And one of these is a static site generator. I’ve actually never built any of these things from scratch. But while making […]

  • PHP Short Functions and Scope

    Yesterday I took an interest in PHP internals looking into @enunomaduro‘s RFC for Auto-capturing multi-statement closures. (Have I said before that I loved studying compilers in CS?) This lead me down some interesting rabbit holes and I wanted to make some notes on what I found. Short vs Long closures There are a two forms […]

  • Browser Extensions: Self-hosted updates

    I’m currently developing a paid-for browser extension that will run on both Firefox and Chrome/Chromium browsers. I’ll write more about this (very-involved!) process soon. But in the last couple of days, I just made the decision to self-host updates for the Firefox version rather than host it on addons.mozilla.org. This post details the steps to […]

  • Sunday morning links

    A bunch of links I've added to my pinboard including tech, WordPress, Laravel, family, and creativity.