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The Week(s): 1st, 8th and 15th October 2018!

October has been manic and I’ve been down on my content-production. Here’s a quick summary in projects, posts and pins!

One does not simply log into WordPress and build a form

There are more questions you need to ask about forms than you think.

Beat the Street – tinkering with a virtual version of the game

In Swindon at the moment there is this brilliant “game” called “Beat the Street” intended to get people out and about and walking and cycling. They have put more than 170 boxes around the town, strapped to lampposts, and they… Continue Reading →

The week: 24th September 2018

A summary of my week in projects, posts, and pins. This is probably as much for my benefit as anything, but let me know if you find it interesting or helpful. Use the comments – I’m happy to tweak the… Continue Reading →

Helpful IT notice: emails with your password in!

Yesterday I looked in the spam box in my email account, and found that there were some messages in there that had an old, out-of-date password in the subject line. These were quite scary-looking messages trying to blackmail me. But… Continue Reading →

The Week: 17th September 2018

A summary of my week in projects, posts, and pins.

Be careful what you write! Basic SEO is easy, important, and really boring.

Trendy, abstract, modernist marketing is great, and you can still use some of that, but be careful what you write: you may need to be boring to be found!

CSS and… err …job titles?

I think it’s easier to switch languages than to switch disciplines. We need job titles that better describe our disciplines.

Do website owners need a “drivers license”, or should websites be more “self-driving”?

Surely many of the things that I set up on new WordPress sites with plugins and settings tweaks are solved problems now. So why do I have to add them myself?

Charging up the SchoolBot

I’ve been gently nudging SchoolBot development along in my mornings and evenings the last week – here’s where it’s at.

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