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  • Getting to grips with Docker and Laravel Sail (on Apple Silicon/M1)

    So I wanted to have a play with Laravel Breeze and Jetstream. In doing so I noticed that the instructions for Breeze (and for Laravel in general) suggest a Docker-based Laravel Sail install by default. I had not looked into Docker despite a lot of hype around it recently in my tech world. So I […]

  • Building WP-UI

    A very scattergun, brain dump of thoughts about the WP-UI app that I'm developoing in Electron.

  • Where are my MySQL database files on MacOS?

    My 7-year-old MacBook got bricked. So I needed to recover some MySQL files from a Time Machine backup and load them onto a new computer. And so I've been digging around finding out where all my homebrew and MySQL files are. While running mulitple instances of everything! Here's a fairly unstructured brain-dump of all that I've learned (or re-learned) along the way.

  • Apple M1/Apple Silicon Day 1 LIVE

    Follow up – day 3! So, overall I’m pretty happy with the 8GB M1 Air. Outstanding issues I have are: ScreenFlow and some Rogue Amoeba audio apps don’t work – I guess these are doing some clever low-level stuff. I’m having issues importing my MySQL databases from backup. This is not really an M1 specific […]

  • Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields

    Some things I learned on my first in-depth WooCommerce build. Including how to do JavaScript logic on elements in the cart/price totals on the checkout page.