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  • Old tabs: Part 2

    The second set of ten links as I close down my open tabs on my mobile. CSS selectors, Go examples, lifestyle businesses and "The Worst Programmer I Know:.

  • Old tabs: Part 1

    The first set of ten links as I close down my open tabs on my mobile. Giving feedback, web scraping, pricing models and marshmallow from a spray can!

  • Readable code tips: Use “is” or “has” for Boolean variables/functions

    Previous Tip: Don’t inline everything! This is a little naming convention that I find really helpful. If a variable is Boolean type, or if a function returns a Boolean type, then consider if you can name it with an “is” or “has” prefix (or somewhere in the name). Because in many cases, not doing this […]

  • Friction

    I want to talk (again) about friction. Things that slow us down. How some friction is good, and some is bad.

  • Lots of new things

    I haven’t written for a while. I haven’t been creative in many ways of late. Not the normal ways anyway. Most of my coding projects are stalled. I’ve not been doing much deeper thinking about things. So what have I been doing? Well, mainly, I’ve been: So yes, lots of change. I’ll keep this post […]

  • Static not-Scrabble.

    I made a server-less Scrabble clone that saves data in URLs. This post explains why and how, including a primer on binary data representations, and a little JavaScript library to help do this using BigInts!

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