This is a collection of stuff that I’ve made.

Web applications and things

  • Turbo Admin – A WordPress plugin and browser extension that adds a command palette, notice hiding and a bunch of other improvements to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Can I PHP? – Like but for PHP features.
  • Beyond WP – A resource that aims to level-up WordPress developers by introducing them to resources and tools from outside the WordPress space.
  • SchoolBot – a smart, parent information system based on Laravel and BotMan
  • Has What Yet? – Simple yes/no status pages (on the best domain name I ever bought)
  • Zap the Map – A surprisingly successful attempt to create a virtual Beat the Street
  • Tweet Finder – A simple interface to Twitter’s Advanced Search
  • Kownter – An attempt at my own simple, privacy-aware website analytics tool, documenting progress as I go
  • Today I – a tool to encourage and record daily creativity
  • WP to Laravel – A video course introducing the Laravel framework to WordPress developers
  • Press Ups – simple WordPress training
  • Government Petition Tracker
  • – This was an app I span up for swapping the “Build the World” trading cards.
  • – This was an app for tracking a round-the-world exercise challenge, very quickly converted from Today I’s code.

Plugins and Packages

  • Peekobot (JS/CSS) – a simple, choice-driven chatbot framework for your website written in less than 100 lines of ES6 vanilla JavaScript (and some CSS).
  • Laravel Asset Cache (Laravel package) – Local caching for inclusion of JavaScript and CSS assets in Laravel projects
  • WP Quick Image (WordPress) – Like Quick Draft but for images – a quick way to post an image to WordPress
  • Sync Pinboard (WordPress) – Plugin to sun WordPress pins to a custom post type, complete with Gutenberg block for display of pins.

Articles and Podcasts elsewhere

Tech Talks

It’s been a privilege to speak at some WordPress-focussed tech conferences on not-WordPress-specific topics:

Blog Series