Hi, I’m Ross. I’m a mid-forties, multi-disciplinary geek from Swindon, UK.

I’m currently employed as a full-stack web developer working with PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, and React.

I’ve previously worked as a freelance software developer who used technology to help people solve problems and to do good – frequently working with charities, non-profits and small businesses. I use WordPress, Laravel and other web tech to build websites and web-based applications.

I love helping people to understand how they can use technology to achieve their goals, and help them implement that technology.

I’m very experienced with computers and software, with a career that spans safety-critical software engineering in the aerospace sector, large-scale corporate IT and hosting operations, and software and website development, both freelance and full-time employed.

I have a softer side that likes to work with people, advising, consulting, and educating too.

I have numerous side-projects, (out of date) WordPress training videos at Press Ups, and I occasionally do public speaking.

If you’re interested in finding out more or working with me contact me.

When I’m not in the office I can be found parenting, cycling, gardening, trying to make sourdough rise, learning new skills, and, occasionally, writing about some of that here.