• My simple EV terminology cheatsheet

    All the things you need to know about electric cars, written down as succinctly as I can (which isn’t very). Note that this is UK/EU specific and excludes and proprietary stuff (e.g. Tesla-specific tech) Units of power and battery sizes You will see the following units of power/energy/battery capacity: Examples: How big should my battery […]

  • Things all developers need to make in their career #17: A static site generator

    There’s a sort-of-joke that there’s a bunch of things that all developers are supposed to code from scratch at some point in their career. A blog. A to-do list app. The “canonical” applications. And one of these is a static site generator. I’ve actually never built any of these things from scratch. But while making […]

  • Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields

    Some things I learned on my first in-depth WooCommerce build. Including how to do JavaScript logic on elements in the cart/price totals on the checkout page.

  • Laravel 8, Jetstream and learning Laravel

    For experienced Laravel developers, version 8 and Jetstream are really exciting. But as someone who wants to introduce people to Laravel as a way to build cool stuff, I really feel like there are some issues here.

  • Announcing Beyond WP

    WordPress developers: Today I’m opening sign ups to a newsletter I’ll be starting soon called Beyond WP. It will be a resource that brings developer tools and ideas from outside the WordPress ecosystem to WordPress developers.