• Puzzles

    Remember Wordle? I LOVE puzzles, and we've accumulated quite a few fun things to do each day as a family. We generally do some of these over the breakfast table. It's AMAZING that all this stuff exists and is so accessible. Here's our favourites.

  • Getting Wii Fit

    A Confession Having finally, after many months, confessed to having a Wii and telling the world what I think about it. It’s time for the next step of my “coming out”. We, after a long period of searching, also bought a Wii Fit! If you have no idea what I’m talking about then take a […]

  • The Wii

    I’m sure a million people have reviewed the Nintendo Wii, so my comments on the latest addition to our household will be late and fairly insignificant. Still, having had the Wii for a while, I want to note what I think. Gaming History and Philosophy in the Wintle Household Sally and I aren’t big gamers. […]