• Speaker Tips from the wonderful WordCamp London folks

    I’m speaking at WordCamp London on Sunday. And I ALWAYS learn something new when public speaking. I’ve been chatting with other speakers in the Speaker’s Slack Channel and I popped in and asked for tips: Who has super speaker tips? Assume nothing. I want all the basics. I gave a couple of my own for […]

  • A new look: What? Why? and How?

    Years in the thinking, not very long in the making, here's the What?, Why? and How? of my extra-geeky, new look website.

  • 2018 Breaking and Making

    It's been a great year in many ways. My little family is growing up. Business has been a bit lean because I've needed to focus on family. But I've kept busy and feel like I'm in a good place to focus on the future.

  • Firefox and Duck Duck Go

    Reflections on using Firefox for a couple of weeks as primary browser (instead of Chrome) with DuckDuckGo as main search engine

  • The week: 10th September 2018

    Having seen someone else do similar, I thought I’d summarise my week in projects, posts, and pins. This is probably as much for my benefit as anything, but let me know if you find it interesting or helpful. Use the comments – I’m happy to tweak the format to make it more useful for others. […]

  • Remembering your promises

    Weddings can be reminders of what practical, sacrificial, unconditional love is like. I can’t help but feel that that’s something the world needs more of right now.

  • On behalf of…

    I’ve been contributing to some discussions that have been happening this week about the new WordPress “Gutenberg” editor. Hopefully constructively. And I think its useful to note where I come from when thinking about Gutenberg. Firstly, there’s my own context. Mostly as a user of WordPress (I’m using it right now!) but also as a […]