• Music: Jon Foreman – Limbs and Branches

    There's been lots of music added to our collection since I last did a "review", but something quite special has happened and it's prompted me to write!

  • Social Web – the good and the bad

    Control Alt Delete FIRST: A blatant plug for our favourite, not-very-well-known band (yes, we know someone in it) Iko. We don’t like them because we know them – we like them because we think they do really good music! They are on the verge of releasing their second album and have just released a freely […]

  • Music: Free albums!!!

    We’ve discovered a great way to use our thousands of accumulated Nectar Points (Supermarket Loyalty Card points)…we can use them to buy CDs! We recently got three in this way that I’ll just give a little write up of. I’m not the best music reviewer, but here are my thoughts. Amy Winehouse: Back to Black […]

  • Chicago – Film, Sountrack and Musical

    As one of her Christmas presents (I won’t say from whom but his name begins with R and he’s a very good present buyer!) Sally got two top-price tickets to the musical Chicago! Sally loves the film version of this, I quite like it myself, and we both wanted to see it “Live”. So, yesterday, […]

  • File Sharing

    I’ve mentioned Iko, the excellent band that a friend of ours is in, before. The lead singer of the band recently posted an message on his MySpace Blog about filesharing. I spent some time writing a response and wanted to copy my thoughts here. The full thread can be found on MySpace here. Ultimately, Kieran […]

  • A couple of gigs

    We’ve had the good fortune of seeing a couple of gigs lately. We always enjoy live music, but finding bands/artists we like at venues we like on dates that we’re free, and at prices we like is always difficult. However – despite our picky-ness we made it to the following recently (nicely matching with some […]

  • Music: A month's worth of new stuff

    It’s been a good month for music. Sally and I are booked in to see Martyn Joseph and KT Tunstall in the coming months, plus, there was a new Athlete album out that I splashed out on. Thoughts below: Drastic Fantsatic – KT Tunstall The catchiest of the new albums, very easy to get into. […]

  • Greenbelt: Thoughts and Discoveries

    Last weekend was my first outing to the festival known as “Greenbelt”. In fact, it was my first real festival outing anywhere. Greenbelt is a music and arts festival. But it needs a little bit more categorisation than that. I shall explain. A note on sub-cultures Now, I’m always careful about talking about “Christian” stuff […]

  • Blatant Plug: Iko

    I’d like to recommend a band. A band who don’t quite have the status of “next big thing” but who, in my opinion, thoroughly deserve it. A band who, as far as I can tell, have been on the verge of being “big” for about 5 years. I recommend them not because the lead singer […]

  • Community in Teams

    I’m in a band! Not a very big or good band, we’re just starting out really playing once a month, rocked up versions of contemporary Christian songs to God (“worship songs” for the uninitiated). I love it, I’m passionate about it, I have fun doing it, it’s just great and it’s just me. But I’ve […]