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So the election is upon us and our household and circle of friends are taking it pretty seriously! One thing that always bothers me is the imbalance of publicity. In the last council elections we had lots of publicity from… Continue Reading →

A few notes before I start this post, and hope it doesn’t turn into a rant. I’m really sorry that I’m turning into a transport geek/bore. I think the LTPs are a good thing. I know one of our council… Continue Reading →

There are far too few articles in the press that speak with a rational voice about addressing the problems of society in the UK by actually trying to understand the source of those problems, rather than trying to tackle the symptoms. This is one of them.

So, the Honourable Michael Wills MP is going and you might be next. Here’s what you need to do to win my vote.

Of course, I’m not saying what I decided. I DID vote though!

There are a number of situations in the world that I take very much to heart and try to do something about. Changing the world isn’t easy, but organisations like Tearfund, Christian Aid, and Oxfam provide plenty of good resources… Continue Reading →

I’m a bit of a political animal. Not very much but a bit. I think politics is important and I think we should all be involved in the political process so I try to do my bit by taking an… Continue Reading →

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