• The Electric Car Idea

    A revelation! Is the thing that stopping us thinking seriously about owning an electric car not, actually, a thing?

  • Coming home

    Now, if you can just imagine that I had a tripod and an SLR and got a beautiful, long-exposure shot of trains moving in and out of the railway shed at Paddington that would be amazing! In London today and there should have been loads of opportunity for great shots of city life, but I […]

  • The West Swindon Forum – There’s Never Too Many Cars!!

    No one - not a single person - mentioned that many of the problems raised at the West Swindon Forum are caused by too many cars, and that the best solution is to encourage people out of their cars and reduce the problem at source.

  • A Boris Bike Adventure

    I'm sure a thousand and one people have written about Boris Bike experiences, but I think I have some useful insight after my first go on London's newest mode of public transport, so I'm going to share anyway.

  • Cycle on the roads, or else…

    I’m being kept awake and was catching up on Facebook when I read this ridiculous article: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/9201293.___Cycle_on_the_roads_or_else/ The Facebook post asked for comments. I wrote this in response: SO many things wrong with the comments from the police. First of all I’m totally with Andy, cyclists should obey the law. There’s no excuse for illegally […]

  • Getting you there without costing the Earth

    I just belatedly picked up today’s Guardian and there’s a supplement called ‘Green‘ which is ‘published quarterly and is an independent magazine’. The editorial says what’s in the issue, including ‘assessing the pros and cons of different vehicle choices to get you there without costing the earth’. Marvellous…only, the article is ACTUALLY about new motor […]