• I’m a PHP Expert!

    OK, OK, yes, this post is partly blatent self-promotion, but it’s also a moment of honesty and a hopefully-interesting reflection on an interesting little test that I did today.

  • Sparks

    I've been thinking about how my journey to leaving my job started. It's funny how a few words can have such a profound effect on your life.

  • Going Ropeless

    All sorts of things are ‘speaking’ to me at the moment. I’m not sure if God is talking louder in this uncertain time or if I’m listening better. Last night we did a bit of TV catchup and saw the jungle episode of the BBC’s brilliant ‘Human Planet’. And while the programme as a whole […]

  • What’s Next Then?

    Work is a topic that I've pretty much banned myself from writing about here. But I feel its time has come. Not my current work, job, or career. No. It's time to start talking about what might be next.