Hat Knitters Info

If you’re reading this then hopefully you’re one of several people who offered to knit a hat for my 4-year-old friend-of-a-friend who has leukaemia and is losing her hair.

First of all THANK YOU! The response was amazing and I could probably secure 10-or-so hats if I wanted.

I want to quickly say that the request I had was aimed at my wife, who is a knitter herself. She’s being a fab mum to our 8-week-old boy right now, so spends most of her life doing things one handed.  Knitting, even if she had the time, is out of the question right now.

The girl with leukaemia is a friend of a friend.  She’s 4 and has very recently been diagnosed and put straight on chemotherapy.  I don’t want to reveal her identity at this point as I don’t have permission, she’s only little, and she doesn’t know anything about this.

I have already secure two hats, and this is enough. However, if you’re feeling generous and would like to make this little girl’s day then, as far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier!

I kinda assumed that volunteers would do this out of the goodness of their hearts, so I can’t offer to pay for yarn, time or postage. But if you did want to contribute, please contact me at twitknits@wintle.me.uk and I’ll let you know what to do.

UPDATE: People have been asking about colours. I’ve secured a couple of hats in the girl’s favourite colours, so if you’re offering an additional hat then just use your imagination and/or whatever’s in your yarn stash.  I’ve also been told that cotton/silk wool is better because the scalp is very sensitive.  Thanks.

Many of you were based in the US, so I should let you know that we’re in the UK and if you wanted to contribute then you’ll have to ship to England.

Again, thank you to all who offered.  Even if I get no more hats, I’ll certainly let our poorly little friend know how much love there is out there for her.