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  • Dynamic Properties – A 5 Minute Window

    Today, another quirk in PHPStorm with our code snippet. We have strict types on still, but we're going to look at what properties we can set and get from the object.

  • A 5 Minute Window: What?

    Yesterday I posted a nearly-silent video, with just some music, about PHP arrays and objects. "That was weird", I hear you say. Yeah. Maybe.

  • The New Turbo Admin

    Turbo Admin 1.12.0 is a big release with better search, improved reliability, user and plugins search and integrations for WooCommerce and Gravity Forms. Phew!

  • On strikes and taxes

    Nurses, postal workers, train drivers, border force, paramedics: you have my support.

  • WordlePress – a silly (and very difficult) game for WordPress developers

    Announcing (or re-announcing) WordlePress: a silly function-name guessing game for WordPress developers (and anyone else stupid enough to try). This post serves as the help page/instructions for WordlePress until I get some proper help up on the actual WordlePress site. Earlier this year, the daily Wordle puzzle was all the rage. And early on I […]

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