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  • Static databases for static sites. Possible?

    Regular readers will know about my love of simple, static-hosted, web-based apps that are easy to build and maintain, and free to host. But they are held back by the lack of dynamic data. Sure, you can store data in local storage, but what if you want to share data between browsers? Is there a […]

  • How are those new habits going?

    I was putting some new habits in place to try and bring more energy and discipline to 2024. How’s that all going? Previously, I explained how I wanted to start some new habits to make 2024-me better. The top habits – the easy ones with the most impact – were: But there were others that […]

  • Book: Indie Microblogging by Manton Reece

    Continuing my "reading books" habit - I've finished TWO in 2024!! I was one of Manton's Kickstarters for Micro.blog and his book. The book is finally here. And I've managed to read it quite quickly (for me). Is it any good?

  • Book: Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

    I've been doing really well maintaining a read-everyday habit, determined to plough through my pile of un-read or part-read books. Here are my very brief thoughts on Doughnut Economics.

  • Scraping Birthdays from Facebook

    I used some hacky JavaScript to scrape my friends birthdays from Facebook so that I can put them in my actual calendar.

  • Weekend Project: Simple notes app

    I can't use any of my favourite note-taking apps at work. But I can use a web browser and I can write JavaScript. The logical conclusion is, of course, that I should build my own!

  • High standards, low expectations

    This phrase has been a huge change of mindset for me. Really transformative. And I'm much happier. Here's what I mean.

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