• Knight Time?

    With all this "smart" technology everywhere, has it occurred to anyone that we might only be a very small step away from...

  • Love thy enemy

    I sometimes write things as comments on other blogs that I’d like to note here as well. This was posted in response to this Bikeyface post. I’m blowing my own trumpet slightly, for which I hope you’ll forgive me, but I hope I make a point too. Last week I was out cycling and I […]

  • Verso

    So…after much deliberation, and with a hint of guilt, we put a deposit on a new car today. It was not a quick or easy decision, but our old car is fast approaching 100’000 miles, is slowly generating a few faults, and with the arrival of Isaac, is just too small – once the buggy […]

  • The West Swindon Forum – There’s Never Too Many Cars!!

    No one - not a single person - mentioned that many of the problems raised at the West Swindon Forum are caused by too many cars, and that the best solution is to encourage people out of their cars and reduce the problem at source.

  • Getting you there without costing the Earth

    I just belatedly picked up today’s Guardian and there’s a supplement called ‘Green‘ which is ‘published quarterly and is an independent magazine’. The editorial says what’s in the issue, including ‘assessing the pros and cons of different vehicle choices to get you there without costing the earth’. Marvellous…only, the article is ACTUALLY about new motor […]