• A new look: What? Why? and How?

    Years in the thinking, not very long in the making, here's the What?, Why? and How? of my extra-geeky, new look website.

  • (Developer) Tools talk

    Last night I gave a talk at the Cheltenham WordPress MeetupĀ on the amazing toolkit called "(Developer) Tools" in your web browser. The group is very mixed in terms of technical ability so this was a great topic, and I put "Developer" in brackets because there's something in Developer Tools for all website creators, regardless of […]

  • Websites without photos

    Examples of websites that use no, or very few photos, simplifying design choices, and making them super fast.

  • What will WordPress be?

    Change is upon us! If you work with WordPress, that is. I won’t go into details on the WordPress REST API that’s going to be a part of the software soon, or of “Calypso” which is a new tool forĀ edit content and managing WordPress sites (both wordpress.com and self-hosted wordpress.org) that uses an API (or […]

  • Job Titles

    I think that the distinction between developers and designers is actually an important one that we should keep, not throw away.