• Sorry Robin… ?

    In today's sad-things-I-read-on-Sunday we'd like to bring you the sad tale of a robin who had to abandon her nest.

  • Crazy Folk

    This is a quick note to any of my neighbours that might be reading. 1 Folks, I know that last Saturday I appeared to be repeatedly filling a watering can, trudging up the garden path, and emptying its contents over an already-waterlogged garden…in the pouring rain…wearing a waterproof. I’ve not, despite what conclusions you may […]

  • Wot Issit?

    I can only think it's some kind of eggs, but of what creature?

  • The Garden – Pest Control

    Sometimes my destructive tendencies are accidental, but at other times I take on the role of defender of the garden and have to take action to control the unwanted creatures.