• I don’t want that news to one day be about me

    Gosh I’m angry. I may regret writing. This morning, shortly after waking, I heard some news. It wasn’t about anyone close to me. It involved a family, of which I’ve met the mother once. The father had died; suddenly and way before his time. I desperately don’t want to make some kind of political point […]

  • Crossings

    Perhaps my own safety, and that of those around me, is more important than making a point about the rules of the road?

  • Cycling Incidents Part 2

    Sometimes, I'm just pootling along, and someone comes along and does something crazy.

  • Cycling Incidents Part 1

    Sometimes I do things on my bike that make me think "If I were a driver I'd be shaking my fist and muttering 'Stupid Cyclists' right now."