• Getting to grips with Docker and Laravel Sail (on Apple Silicon/M1)

    So I wanted to have a play with Laravel Breeze and Jetstream. In doing so I noticed that the instructions for Breeze (and for Laravel in general) suggest a Docker-based Laravel Sail install by default. I had not looked into Docker despite a lot of hype around it recently in my tech world. So I […]

  • Laravel 5.7 upgrades break published email styles

    I’ve been updating some old Laravel apps and I just came across this issue with updating from 5.6 to 5.7. It’s noted in the upgrade docs (see “Template Theme”) but easy to miss. I know I’ll come across this again, so it’s worth noting here for the future. If you have published your mail templates […]

  • Laravel: Going back() after form validation errors

    I’m SURE I must have done this before. Like…so many times. But this felt new today and is definitely worth remembering. When you’re using forms in Laravel, you sometimes want a “cancel” or “back” button or link that takes you to where you were before. And Laravel provides a handy url() helper that gets a […]

  • Statamic: First impressions

    While the confusion over the launch of WordPress’s new “Gutenberg” editor continues, I’ve been considering some other options. As someone who also works in the Laravel world, Statamic is making a pretty big blip on my radar. It’s a content management system that ‘runs on a “flat file” engine based on Markdown and YAML files’. […]