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I made things! A basketball hoop!

I’m a computer guy, not a physical things guy. IT systems bow to my every whim (sometimes), but doors, cars, and bits of wood and string aren’t my thing.

Except…last week…I made a basketball hoop for my currently-basketball-obsessed boy out of an old plant pot, some lying around wood, and some cable ties.

A real slam dunk!

Perfect, beautiful curls ❤️

The girl’s hair is SO pretty.

Good company

This is the cool kid I get to hang out with on Thursdays. 😍

Small signs of Autumn


I’m very much NOT a visually creative person, but today have found myself doodling/sketching for a little project! The iPad is very forgiving and seems to add a flourish!

I R2D2’d a bike helmet today! Fun! ?


I really really can’t tell you how very proud I am that my son made this for me. ❤️❤️❤️????It says: “82 111 115 115 (Ross)”. He wrote Unicode!

Captions please?!

First Lego stop-frame animation

Quite pleased with my first Lego stop-frame animation!

Websites without photos

Examples of websites that use no, or very few photos, simplifying design choices, and making them super fast.

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