• My new cookie pop-up setup

    I'm sure you all know that the rules about how websites use cookies have changed a bit over the last few years. This post explains my current setup for cookie consents and analytics on WordPress sites. And tries to dissuade you from using them in the first place!

  • The little one

    Sally and I both use social media a lot so you may think that it would be entirely natural for us to keep some detailed online records of the pregnancy, birth (well, not the birth, but the immediate time after), and early days with our boy. BUT...

  • Celebration or Convenience?

    It now seems that it's my responsibility to publish the fact that it's my birthday. This is a new piece of knowledge to me. I've always assumed that people put these things in their calendars anyway. What other assumptions that I have about the world might have changed because of social media?

  • Now analysing

    A short note explaining that I'm now using Google Analytics.