• Apple M1/Apple Silicon Day 1 LIVE

    Follow up – day 3! So, overall I’m pretty happy with the 8GB M1 Air. Outstanding issues I have are: ScreenFlow and some Rogue Amoeba audio apps don’t work – I guess these are doing some clever low-level stuff. I’m having issues importing my MySQL databases from backup. This is not really an M1 specific […]

  • Where do I fit?

    I'm a bit stuck with my plans for 2019. The big question really, is: where do I fit in the world of web development?

  • Helpful IT notice: emails with your password in!

    Yesterday I looked in the spam box in my email account, and found that there were some messages in there that had an old, out-of-date password in the subject line. These were quite scary-looking messages trying to blackmail me. But the presence of an actual password that I used to use made them seem very […]

  • On balance of creativity and passivity with kids and screentime

    This is from a great episode of the ChangeLog podcast that interviews Tim Bell, the founder and creator of CS Unplugged: a collection of free teaching material that teaches computer science through engaging games and puzzles. I struggle with how much screentime our kids have. Perhaps this quote will inspire is to do more creative things […]

  • Thoughts on AMP

    Some un-structured thoughts on Google's (AMP) project and Facebook's Instant Articles and how they might affect small publishers.

  • Celebration or Convenience?

    It now seems that it's my responsibility to publish the fact that it's my birthday. This is a new piece of knowledge to me. I've always assumed that people put these things in their calendars anyway. What other assumptions that I have about the world might have changed because of social media?