• Going Ropeless

    The impact of a simpler, freer life is clear. How much do we miss out on experiences because of caution, rules, expectations? Perhaps, sometimes, the risk of 'going ropeless' is worth it.

  • Knight Time?

    With all this "smart" technology everywhere, has it occurred to anyone that we might only be a very small step away from...

  • All change – Sky to Virgin Media

    So, life's a bit different now to how it was a few months ago. I'm earning less and working from home, so it's time to review a few things. And one change worthy of mention is my broadband supplier.

  • Going Ropeless

    All sorts of things are ‘speaking’ to me at the moment. I’m not sure if God is talking louder in this uncertain time or if I’m listening better. Last night we did a bit of TV catchup and saw the jungle episode of the BBC’s brilliant ‘Human Planet’. And while the programme as a whole […]