I’m a bit of a jack of all trades. I have no one specific skill that rules my life and I think it’s all the richer for it. My writings are mostly about things that I’m learning and discovering, and so you will see me writing about most of the following:

  • Life in Swindon.
  • Technology – I have a degree in computer science, and there’s always something new to learn.
  • Cycling.
  • Music – I play guitar – sometimes publicly.
  • Gardening – our new house has a large vegetable patch that we’re trying to make use of.
  • Nature – a constant fascination of mine and unending source of discovery and wonder.
  • My Christian Faith – life as an ordinary person trying to follow Jesus.
  • Dance – my wife and I are taking Latin and Ballroom classes.
  • Culture – I occasionally record my thoughts on films, music, books and art
  • Politics – I think everyone should be involved in democracy, and I try to do my bit, though it doesn’t always work as it should.
  • Holidays – I’m a words person, not a pictures person, so I like to record things in words. So as well as photo albums, I write up holidays and share my experiences.

I also have a few ground rules for writing here.

  • It’s never about work. You may possibly see general thoughts about workING, but I’ll never refer to my job or the people I work with
  • I don’t name people. My wife is mentioned – she’s pretty important and doesn’t seem to mind – but most other people, if mentioned at all, are not mentioned by name (unless I ask them first).
  • It’s all about me. This sounds selfish but I try not to talk about what other people are doing – it would be unfair to tell the world what others are doing and thinking.
  • Be positive – I, like most people, like a good rant, but I believe that I’m only allowed to rant about the bad, if I also celebrate the good. Please hold me to this!