Online video editing

Techie note really. I’ve had a couple of video editing projects on hold, waiting for a tool that will convert the 3gp files I get from my mobile phone into a format that I can edit. I don’t want to have to pay anything to do this, so the projects have been set aside waiting for free tools to become available.

Anyway – I happened across Eyespot an online video mixing tool. It:

  • accepts the 3gp format for uploads;
  • has a simple user interface (though tags seem to go missing occasionally);
  • has a limitation of 100 elements in a storyboard;
  • has some other limited functionality (it’s still in Beta though so should improve).

Oh, and the terms and conditions, which, as far as I can make out, state that you keep the copyright but your material and be redistributed and mixed by anyone, seemingly without limitation.

I produced a simple mix online and then downloaded everything in .avi format to do it properly. So, if nothing else, you can upload and just convert. You also seem to be able to do file conversion at Zamzar but I’ve not tried this.

I’m an amateur in the video editing world so if anyone knows better ways to mash together .3gp’s, .mov’s and .avi’s (from my various devices) for free then please post a comment!

I find video editing fun – one of the few creative things that I might possibly be any good at – and theraputic. If I get brave and get some decent footage that won’t embarrass friends of mine, you might see some results here at some point! Watch this space.