Putting God First

A mixed weekend. Mostly joyful with the marriage of two good friends in London and good time spent with our old London church family.

On Saturday I woke up feeling very tired and like I was fighting something off. I didn’t think I’d make it through the wedding ceremony, but did , and was then prayed for and, praise the LORD, felt a whole load better.

My back got better later in the week, and then has been suddenly and worryingly worse again today. The pain has stopped being muscular and now feels like a sharp, nerve-type pain. I was literally in tears with pain earlier.

But time with the St Simons church family is always time of being inspired and challenged. The focus of the weekend for me was putting God first. I had some amazing conversations about this with people, heard amazing stories about how people have put God first, listened to God and followed what he’s telling them to do. People who seem to have discovered (or are discovering) that when you really put God first, the other things sort themselves out.

Even the sermon this morning, from the first chapter of the book of Jonah, was about putting aside “idols” to do what God wants us to do. It was a real theme.

I could write lots but God was very present this weekend. I’m inspired to pray more, to listen to God more, to talk more openly about what God is doing, and about my faith. The people of St Simon’s are so outward focussed, so keen to share what God is doing (and he’s doing lots). I take courage from that. And I’ve had some good times of prayer with others this weekend where the LORD has already spoken.

So despite my physical ailments, lots to give thanks for. I feel joyful despite my pain. I have plenty of theological meat to chew on (anyone want to study the book of James with me?). I have lots to get on and do too.

The LORD is good and I pray today for J & A who got married, that he will bless them with each other as much as I have been blessed with my own, beautiful, loving wife.

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