Song 3 – Del Amitri's 'Nothing Ever Happens' – Key of C

Last week was a bit of a write off week, but I’ve just about learned the chords to “Angels” including the odd F#m. I’ve also done a bit of rehearsing Song 1 to bed it into my brain a bit.

This week Sally has challenged me to learn “Nothing Ever Happens” by Del Amitri. I’m not even convinced that this is a well known, sing-along pop song. But the chorus is pretty rousing, so worth a go. I’ve downloaded from iTunes and the music and words are in one of my books.

At the end of this weel I’ll have covered three classes of song:

  • Difficult music and difficult words (Fairytale of New York);
  • Difficult music and easy words (Angels…well, the chords were easy but I had to do more work to learn them than the words, which were already firmly in my head);
  • and Easy music and difficult words (Nothing Ever Happens)

Yes, this week is like memorising poetry. Sally doesn’t make life easy! Chords are C, F, Am, G, with a few others in the musical bridge.

Sally has pledged to learn to play along on the mandolin, which will make it more fun. Perhaps I should make her learn the words too?

2 thoughts on “Song 3 – Del Amitri's 'Nothing Ever Happens' – Key of C

  1. Hi,
    Did Sally ever complete her side of the bargain and play Nothing Ever happens on the mandolin? I have searched the internet and your article is the only reference to this song being played on a Mandolin. I love the song but my skills stop on the Mandolin and i would love to play this song if you could relay this message it would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Lee, and thanks for stumbling across my post.

      This was a whole ten years ago now – I can’t remember exactly what happened. I do remember my wife and I playing some guitar/mandolin duets, but I have no idea what songs they were. They worked quite well, I think! We now have small children and very little time to play.

      Sorry I can’t help more.

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