Song 7: Mr Jones

I have a bit of a thing about songs with complicated words. I enjoy the challenge of learning them, and I’m a bit of a show off at heart (have you noticed?) so I’d rather learn something that makes people go “You know ALL the words to that?”.

There’s a couple of these on my list – Nothing Ever Happens turned out to be one! And here’s another – Counting Crows’ “Mr Jones”.

I discovered Counting Crows a bit later than my contemporaries. Their debut was, I believe, released in the 90’s but I only found them through Sally’s record collection a couple of years back. And they’re awesome!

A friend of mine who is a very good musician, and who’s musical opinion I very much respect, has Counting Crows’ “August and Everything After” album on his list of top albums of the 90’s, and I really do agree – it’s an album I’ve listened to again and again and again and never grown bored of. In fact, I keep finding more and more intricacies to keep me interested. For example, the song “Anna Begins” was usually skipped over at first, but it’s a true gem that I choose to listen to now.

Anyway – Mr Jones is a great song. A poem set to music. It’s rousing, thoughtful, interesting, and dynamic. But it’s a complicated one. I HAVE already learned all the words. I will probably not be able to get them in the right order. I know that the music contains d-minor’s – my least favourite chord. But it shouldn’t be too hard to learn.

I’m falling a bit behind again. This is week 10, so I’ve skipped 3 songs. But never mind. So I really only have until Tuesday to learn this! Eeek!