Another toilet roll hardware hack: behold The iPhone Time Lapse Tripod!!!

Yes, this could, if I’m lucky, be my moment of LifeHacker fame.  Following Lifehacker’s Loo Rool Cable Organiser I happen to have a load of loo rolls in my study at the moment.  So, when I came to try out the new iMotion HD time lapse/stop motion app by filming the sunset over Swindon and I needed a tripod, I somehow noticed that…yes…a loo roll makes a perfect and completely free iPhone 4 tripod:

Loo Roll as iPhone Tripod
Loo Roll as an iPhone 4 Tripod! (tissue box for extra height only)


But EVEN BETTER for time-lapse, with a simple notch cut out using a pair of scissors, you can have a POWERED iPhone doing time-lapse or stop-motion photography!!!

Loo Roll as iPhone Tripod - with power
With Power Cord!!


Loo Roll iPhone Tripod - power cord close up
Power Cord Close-Up

OK, I need to work on the photography – here’s the sun going down: