PayPal want your…face?

I have nothing more fun to do on a Monday night than read the PayPal terms and conditions changes. And, in case you’re wondering, they’re mostly fine (in my opinion). But this caught my eye:

If you use certain functionalities provided by us (including, without limitation, PayPal POS functionality on your mobile app) we may ask you to upload a picture of you in order to provide these specific services. Your face must be recognisable. Your image is solely your responsibility.


If you are using your mobile app, we may share your picture that you have stored with your mobile app with other PayPal users so that they can identify you, You license us to use your image for the above purposes on a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable and sub-licensable basis.

We may also share with other users the fact that you are within local reach as a customer.


Now, I’m not familiar with too much of PayPal’s new fancy payment apps and devices available as part of PayPal Here, but I’m guessing that this need to show your face is an extra security measure for making purchases with mobile apps.

Thankfully, this isn’t quite “Pay with your face”. But it did make me wonder.