Quotes on Intuition, Spirit and Creativity

Regular readers/followers will have heard me talk about Rob Bell’s podcast before – take him with a pinch of salt. And these notes are from an interview he did with two other people who I think you should take with a pinch of salt.

BUT…I’m intrigued by different forms of spirituality at the moment. These people had some really interesting things to say about how spirituality works with creativity, and on creativity in general.

On listening to other people because THEIR ideas might be the right ones

There are other ways to know things. One vision that’s trying to come through. I’m being open enough to see it and interpret it. Sometimes the divine whispers answers in other peoples’ heads. So I have to listen well enough because it might come through someone else. Especially the people who are like: that person’s vision is not my vision… The people who seem to be the greatest obstacle to you getting your thing done are actually the people where you pause and listen. 

At about 11:00 – 12:00

As Rob Bell would say:

Everyone is your teacher!

Making regardless of the outcome

You create something. You don’t say “where’s it gonna go?” You don’t say “why am I making this?” I don’t know what it’s gonna be. Let’s just go for it. Let’s ride the train.”

“Why?” never occurs to me. Well: because we’re here; we’re breathing!

At around 15:20

Don’t talk yourself out of it with questions…go play!

We always say that “How?” is not my job, and “Why?” is not our business. Once you start asking “Why?” you’re going to talk yourself out of it…people ask “Why does the planet need this?”…if it’s in you, it’s supposed to be made, just go with that. If the idea comes up inside of me…Divine has said “you, here you go, go play!”

At around 15:40