• The week: 28th January 2019

    A weekly thing of writing up my week in posts (things I've written and made), projects (what I'm up to!) and pins (things I've bookmarked)

  • My new CSS framework: SUCSS!

    Everyone is writing about CSS, and I work with CSS, so I guess I should write about CSS too. Here's the new idea: SUCSS!

  • Not all software development processes are equal

    Coding is easy / software engineering is hard – we need more engineers! Foreward: This post has been in my drafts for ages. I’m hesitant to publish because…well…how could little old me have a valid critique of such a software engineering giant? Yet I keep reading it and I’m really happy with what I’ve written […]

  • Where do I fit?

    I'm a bit stuck with my plans for 2019. The big question really, is: where do I fit in the world of web development?

  • Skirting the iOS/Safari audio auto-play policy for UI sound effects

    In some cases involving asynchronous operations, Safari's auto-playing media policies seem to prevent playing sounds, when playing them should be OK and when other browsers are fine with playing them. Here's a dive into it with example code and a workaround!

  • 2018 Breaking and Making

    It's been a great year in many ways. My little family is growing up. Business has been a bit lean because I've needed to focus on family. But I've kept busy and feel like I'm in a good place to focus on the future.