• Survival of the Fittest

    It's been fascinating seeing "survival of the fittest" in action in our garden this year.

  • A whole new set of problems

    Gardening is like war. Actually I don’t know much about what war is like so maybe I should take that back. But just when you think you’re winning the enemy changes tactics!! As always, this year’s gardening problems have been different to last year’s. Slugs have been well under control – whether this is my […]

  • Crazy Folk

    This is a quick note to any of my neighbours that might be reading. 1 Folks, I know that last Saturday I appeared to be repeatedly filling a watering can, trudging up the garden path, and emptying its contents over an already-waterlogged garden…in the pouring rain…wearing a waterproof. I’ve not, despite what conclusions you may […]

  • Wot Issit?

    I can only think it's some kind of eggs, but of what creature?

  • The Garden – Pest Control

    Sometimes my destructive tendencies are accidental, but at other times I take on the role of defender of the garden and have to take action to control the unwanted creatures.