• Colours of Autumn

    Spotted this when walking to the shop the other day. The colours are amazing. Hard to compose and a photo doesn’t do it justice. Of course, a Hipstamatic or Noir would only detract from the great natural colours. Here’s the full gallery with a Hipstamatic too!

  • Tree!

    Ooh, just time for today’s photo. Actually yesterday’s. Again, processed with Noir. I think it has some good light, strong contrasts, interesting composition. The high dynamic range made it slightly challenging, but I think it came out well. Here’s the gallery with the original and a Hipstamatic thrown in for good measure.

  • Survival of the Fittest

    It's been fascinating seeing "survival of the fittest" in action in our garden this year.

  • Wot Issit?

    I can only think it's some kind of eggs, but of what creature?

  • Spring and Starlings

    It's still light at 5pm. There's garlic poking its head out of the earth in our herb patch. I'm on the verge of wearing shorts for bike rides. It must be...

  • It's alive!!!

    It’s been a while since the garden got much attention (though I’ll be writing about the harvest soon), but this is a little set of observations that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while. Despite, or including, the slugs and creeping cinquefoil (this is what we thought was creeping buttercup), our garden is […]

  • Naturewatch: Web Building!

    Possibly not for the arachnophobic. Some action shots of the fat spider building a web. The sun was shining down and making the web glisten so I thought I’d try and catch it on, err, well not film exactly, but you know what I mean. The reason I’m a bit fanatical about spiders is that…well…they’re […]

  • Naturewatch: Fat spider

    I like spiders! Which is just as well as there’s about a million in our garden. Probably mostly the grown up babies that I spotted back in the spring. I just liked this one because it used to be quite a skinny spider but she (we think it’s a she) has put her web in […]

  • Naturewatch: Our new Bonsai Tree!

    At one of our friend’s weddings we were fortunate enough to win the Bonsai tree that was used as a table decoration. This is my latest nature fascination. Sadly, as we went on holiday for a week it got a bit neglected and dropped lots of leaves. With some TLC, lots of water and the […]

  • More naturewatching

    SO the baby blackbirds have flown the nest, though it looks like a new brood may be on the way sometime…so my interest has turned to these little fella’s that I found outside our house yesterday morning. Looks like some spider’s eggs hatched and there was just a writhing tangle of little legs. Seems that […]