Spring and Starlings

It’s been a while since I got time to write and there’s lots on my mind.  Hopefully some of it will appear in the coming days now there’s a bit of a break from work and other things.

We’ve had a lot of snow (which I’ve mostly avoided writing about, but I have a few things stacked about that too!), but we’ve also just had a couple of really nice, sunny weekends.

It’s still light at 5pm.  There’s garlic poking its head out of the earth in our herb patch.  I’m on the verge of wearing shorts for bike rides.  It must be spring!

AND, the migrating birds are back.


We saw some massed swarming starlings on a BBC programme called “Swarm” recently.  But I did’t think I’d see it in real life a few weeks later.

The online video doesn’t do this amazing spectacle justice, the proper video barely does.  Sally and I were transfixed by this for some time and the lack of sound on the video is testimony to our sense of awe.

We sang in church last night “O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works your hands have made”.  Here’s some of that wonderful work in action: