Not that far really…

After February’s rather poor cycle mileage (mostly due to the snow that I’ve not written about yet), and with some determination to make a habit of extended commutes and regular “training” rides, I’ve decided to set myself a goal.

I’m going to try to cycle 300 miles during the month of March!!

On the one hand, this doesn’t seem like too much. It’s a shade less than ten miles a day – and my standard commute is over 7 of those! A few lunchtime rides here and there, some long rides home, and making sure I go out for 40 mins on Saturday and Sunday (or 80 mins on one weekend day).

On the other hand, I’ve never done more than 250 miles in a month – and that was in Bike Week in June!

I’ve made a good start with 35 miles in just 3 days (I didn’t cycle on the 1st).  But I suspect it will be hard to keep up.

A touch of Spring

Following on from the last post about spring, the weather has been a bit up and down, but today was beautiful for cycling and I grabbed a snap of part of my favourite 8.5 mile route.  Well worth going out of my way for, even if it was a few extra miles: