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New Friend

My new bike – a Marin Muirwoods 29er – is truly a do-everything sporty, on-road, off-road, commuter and family adventure bike. I love it!

So you’re leaving?

[Old post] Written around the time I left my old job, his is a vagely amusing email exchange with a cyclist colleague of mine that’s worth saving.

Bruce Street Bridges: Never again

I’m not cycling Bruce Street again. My life is too precious. I’ll stop and use the half-baked pedestrian/shared infrastructure. Cycling feels dangerous.

I don’t want that news to one day be about me

Gosh I’m angry. I may regret writing. This morning, shortly after waking, I heard some news. It wasn’t about anyone close to me. It involved a family, of which I’ve met the mother once. The father had died; suddenly and… Continue Reading →

Bike! Hat! Wow!

I’ve always been a keen cyclist in one way or another, and even more so since we moved to Swindon. So it’s quite amazing that its taken so long to get us using bikes as a family to get around…. Continue Reading →

Swindon Cycle Paths: A Missed Opportunity

A little while ago there was some discussion on Twitter about cycling in Swindon. It started from a question asked by whoever was running the PeopleOfSwindon account that week, and we got onto the topic of Swindon’s cycle paths. The… Continue Reading →

Get Britain Cycling

Hello blog. It’s been a while…again. This is really an extended Tweet which makes idea blog post material. I’ve not been cycling much lately. A combination of working from home and not really having any spare time due to running… Continue Reading →

Rare video footage! Isaac and the Toddlebike!

We captured Isaac opening his “pre-balance” Toddlebike on video and we think it’s the ONLY VIDEO OF ISAAC ON THE INTERNET!!!

I sometimes write things as comments on other blogs that I’d like to note here as well. This was posted in response to this Bikeyface post. I’m blowing my own trumpet slightly, for which I hope you’ll forgive me, but… Continue Reading →

Is the notion of a nationally co-ordinated team of cycling counsellors a crazy dream?

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