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Not a great photo but it documents Sunday. A few years ago I went to watch loads of friends run the Swindon Half Marathon. The next year I heard that they had cycle marshals that patrol the route between static… Continue Reading →

A funny and trivial photo today. This isn’t about composition, lighting, effects, or depth of field. It’s all about taking coffee on your bike! We went, with trepidation, to the National Childbirth Trust ‘nearly new’ sale today. I suggested not… Continue Reading →

There’s no point doing personal travel planning for 11,000 people if the infrastructure you’d like them to use is unsafe, unusable or impassable for 3 or 4 months of the year.

No one – not a single person – mentioned that many of the problems raised at the West Swindon Forum are caused by too many cars, and that the best solution is to encourage people out of their cars and reduce the problem at source.

I’m sure a thousand and one people have written about Boris Bike experiences, but I think I have some useful insight after my first go on London’s newest mode of public transport, so I’m going to share anyway.

I’m being kept awake and was catching up on Facebook when I read this ridiculous article: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/9201293.___Cycle_on_the_roads_or_else/ The Facebook post asked for comments. I wrote this in response: SO many things wrong with the comments from the police. First of… Continue Reading →

James Cracknell has created a video in which he makes a passionate plea for people to wear cycle helmets. But is the helmet-wearing issue as simple as he makes it out to be?

The weather this spring is good and fuel prices are high, so it’s the ideal time to consider the question “Could I cycle to work?” and, if so, what sort of bike should I get?

Oh, look, another magic roundabout…with integrated traffic lights.

Reading, and hoping to respond to, Swindon’s local travel plan. How about you?

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