Local Travel Plans (again)

I wrote a long reflection on Swindon\’s Local Travel Plan a while back.  Thanks to the Swindon Bicycle User Group I’ve been made aware that consultation on the plan is open.  Responses have to be in by January the 4th.

I won’t say much more at this point, but if you have any kind of interest in travel and transport I’d encourage you to have a go at reading the plan and making a response.

The draft plan comprises:

  • An overarching strategy to 2026
  • Supplementary documents covering key topics – walking, cycling, public transport, freight, road safety, network management, smarter choices, parking and rural issues

An implementation plan will follow in early 2011 once the funding position becomes clear.

Consultation on the draft documents is now underway.  The closing date for comments is Tuesday 4 January 2011.

Please feel free to pass all this information on to anyone in your personal network of friends and colleagues and encourage them to take part.