• Bruce Street Bridges: Never again

    I'm not cycling Bruce Street again. My life is too precious. I'll stop and use the half-baked pedestrian/shared infrastructure. Cycling feels dangerous.

  • Roundabouts and Crop Circles

    Crop circles were big in Wiltshire when I was a lad. Really big. And one of Wiltshire’s biggest towns, my home town of Swindon, is really big on roundabouts. Co-incidence? Well…I’ve always said that there was a link. Crop circles seem to be an ideal way for traffic planners to try out new layouts in […]

  • Swindon Cycle Paths: A Missed Opportunity

    A little while ago there was some discussion on Twitter about cycling in Swindon. It started from a question asked by whoever was running the PeopleOfSwindon account that week, and we got onto the topic of Swindon’s cycle paths. The following observation was made: @Surfseekerdin – public cycle paths seem extensive, though I don't cycle, […]

  • Cycle Marshall

    Not a great photo but it documents Sunday. A few years ago I went to watch loads of friends run the Swindon Half Marathon. The next year I heard that they had cycle marshals that patrol the route between static marshalling points. I figured that, if I was going to stand and watch, I may […]

  • Tree!

    Ooh, just time for today’s photo. Actually yesterday’s. Again, processed with Noir. I think it has some good light, strong contrasts, interesting composition. The high dynamic range made it slightly challenging, but I think it came out well. Here’s the gallery with the original and a Hipstamatic thrown in for good measure.

  • The West Swindon Forum – There’s Never Too Many Cars!!

    No one - not a single person - mentioned that many of the problems raised at the West Swindon Forum are caused by too many cars, and that the best solution is to encourage people out of their cars and reduce the problem at source.

  • The West Swindon Forum

    Local politics isn't massively exciting, but it is important. Get involved if you can!

  • Cycle on the roads, or else…

    I’m being kept awake and was catching up on Facebook when I read this ridiculous article: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/9201293.___Cycle_on_the_roads_or_else/ The Facebook post asked for comments. I wrote this in response: SO many things wrong with the comments from the police. First of all I’m totally with Andy, cyclists should obey the law. There’s no excuse for illegally […]