• Credit where it’s due

    There was a little cleaning machine out this morning clearing up all the slippery leaf mulch on the cycle path to work. Thank you Swindon Council – it’s really appreciated!

  • True Grit

    Duelling with the council over gritting of cycle paths.

  • Cheaper Parking…Again

    The council are at it again cutting the cost of parking in Swindon Town Centre. I understand the economics and I agree that it's good to get people into town, but, as always, isn't throwing the money at car usage incredibly short sighted?

  • Local Travel Plan 3

    A few notes before I start this post, and hope it doesn’t turn into a rant. I’m really sorry that I’m turning into a transport geek/bore. I think the LTPs are a good thing. I know one of our council transport people a little and she’s brilliant, hard working, and very good at what she […]

  • Car Parks and Council Cash

    Swindon Council are working to reduce car usage, so naturally, when considering how to boost the number of people heading into town they...err...encourage people into their cars?!

  • Not-So-Magic Roundabouts

    I've been paying attention while driving up to and on roundabouts in the last few days, thinking about whether or not I would see a cyclist and how I would respond.