• The Tangled Web

    It seems that a lot of our council services are run by a small bunch of very busy people.

  • Learning to fly

    So the little ones (the blackbirds – must give them names or something) are learning to fly still. Got a couple of snaps of them today but only with my phone so they’re not so good quality. Here’s daddy on feeding duty…

  • The birds are out!!

    Fun today! The little baby blackbirds decided to leave the nest. And so with much tweeting, flapping, and crashing they’re down on the ground in the garden. One of them, I think, flew into the window. I went to look and he was peering up at me! I then tried to take a photo, scared […]

  • Nesting birds

    One thing I’ve been enjoing about being back in Swindon is the garden. In London we had a flat with no outdoor space of our own. Here we have a little patch of lawn, a shed, and lots of plants! In fact, we probably have more plants than all our neighbours. Which means that all […]