Get Britain Cycling

Hello blog. It’s been a while…again.

This is really an extended Tweet which makes idea blog post material.

I’ve not been cycling much lately. A combination of working from home and not really having any spare time due to running a business and being a dad. But I still love my bike and my cycling and think getting more people cycling would be a great idea for a whole load of reasons.

So I’ve been following The Times’ ‘Cities Fit for Cycling’ campaign and the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s ‘Get Britain Cycling
Inquiry and the subsequent report, published a few days ago.

I confess I’ve not read the report but the headlines seem to be a recommendation to get 10% of journeys made by bike by 2025 and at least £10 per person per year of the transport budget spent by the government on cycling.

This sounds to me like seriously good stuff. If would ease congestion, make people fitter and healthier leading to a more healthy workforce and less strain on the NHS, reduce road maintenance and building costs, improve road safety for all, reduce carbon emissions, boost bike manufacturing and sales in the UK, and lead to a greater service industry around cycling. So many good things.

And it’s not just me that thinks so. Lord Sugar, Barclays Bank, Sainsburys, the Confederation of British Industry and a whole load of others think this is a good idea.

The president of the AA said: “Implementation of the Get Britain Cycling recommendations would bring tangible business and economic benefits by reducing congestion, absenteeism, NHS costs and by producing a more creative and active workforce.”

The chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses said that more people cycling to work would help “both the health of the high street as well as the nation”.

I simply don’t see how anyone can argue that the ‘reduced congestion, environmental benefits and healthier citizens’ that the APPCG claim as benefits would be good for our nation. This is the conclusion of an all-party parliamentary inquiry with extensive evidence from over 100 individuals and organisations.

So, whether you walk, cycle, get the bus, or drive to work, school, college, or wherever. Or even if, like me, you simply stagger down the landing in your pyjamas to start your day, can I point you at this petition to get the government to pay attention to the recommendations of the report.

Thank you.