A saint and a valentine

I’ve been poorly today so Sally has taken Isaac to nursery (usually my job) prepared tea in the slow cooker, looked after Isaac all night (as always) and not complained or been bothered by it at all. She’s done everything needed to let me just rest and fight off my man-flu.

And today just about sums her up: patient, dedicated, loving.

She has supported me through a major change of work and life and helps me daily as I run my business and work hard for my clients. She’s a massively dedicated mum who puts her son first in everything at great personal cost to herself. She’s a brilliant cook, wonderfully creative, hard working, and caring of the people and things around her.

And so today, while I wasn’t physically able to get to a shop, and we don’t normally indulge in Valentines gifts anyway, I want to take this opportunity to publicly honour my wife.

Thank you Sally.