• On strikes and taxes

    Nurses, postal workers, train drivers, border force, paramedics: you have my support.

  • Bombs

    I tend not to comment quickly on things. I like to think. And, actually, quite often I don’t have time enough to think. I was travelling today. Travel time is good. It’s restful and gives me time to think. And I was catching up with my Twitter timeline from last night. The night that our […]

  • Politics Part 3: Labour and Energy

    Magically fixing train fares and energy costs seem to me to be populist electioneering policies. There are bigger things we need to fix. Who's going to tackle those for us?!

  • Politics Part 2: The Lords

    Thoughts on how the unelected and undemocratic House of Lords are bring some sensibility to the political table of late.

  • Get Britain Cycling

    Hello blog. It’s been a while…again. This is really an extended Tweet which makes idea blog post material. I’ve not been cycling much lately. A combination of working from home and not really having any spare time due to running a business and being a dad. But I still love my bike and my cycling […]

  • Transport Secretary

    Well there you go then Mr Phillips - you're transport secretary and you won't cycle because it's too dangerous. I think you have identified one of the key problems that you need to sort out.

  • Things I Understand and Things I Don’t

    I don't know how to fix the budget. I don't know how to tackle crime. I don't know how to manage taxes and public spending. Most of the policies on offer sound good. So I need politicians to be talking about more than those things. I need bigger, bolder statements about what each party will do.

  • Election Publicity

    So the election is upon us and our household and circle of friends are taking it pretty seriously! One thing that always bothers me is the imbalance of publicity. In the last council elections we had lots of publicity from Labour and the Tories, but there were at least two other candidates that we knew […]