Things I Understand and Things I Don’t

Back on politics again I’m afraid.

Another conversation I was having was about political manifestos, pledges, and promises in the run-up to election time.

A good friend of mine, who works for a large financial organisation, and has a degree in law, stated that he didn’t really know how to fix the economy, and so the politicians can talk until they’re blue in the face about what they’re going to do to fix it – it probably won’t influence his vote all that much.

A good point from a person who was far more qualified than any of the other people in the room at the time to talk about finances.

And I agree!  I don’t know how to fix the budget.  I don’t know how to tackle crime.  I don’t know how to manage taxes and public spending. Most of the policies on offer sound good.

So I need politicians to be talking about more than those things.  I need bigger, bolder statements about what each party will do.

And I’d quite like them to be about the environment, creating a sustainable future, taxing the rich and giving to the poor, helping other countries out with aid and trade (sticking plasters) and international justice (to fix the root causes).

So, who’s talking about these things then?