• Stating the Obvious

    So who's going to stand up and say something bold, new and different. Who's got the big ideas that are going to lead Britain well in the next four years? Who's going to do more than the bare minimum I expect of my government?

  • Things I Understand and Things I Don’t

    I don't know how to fix the budget. I don't know how to tackle crime. I don't know how to manage taxes and public spending. Most of the policies on offer sound good. So I need politicians to be talking about more than those things. I need bigger, bolder statements about what each party will do.

  • Election Publicity

    So the election is upon us and our household and circle of friends are taking it pretty seriously! One thing that always bothers me is the imbalance of publicity. In the last council elections we had lots of publicity from Labour and the Tories, but there were at least two other candidates that we knew […]