One hundred and fifty pounds?

And just one more, tiny, petty little thing before I go to bed.

“The Conservatives have outlined their plans to give four million married couples and civil partners an annual £150 tax break.” (Source: BBC)

Now, I’m a strong family man.  I love my wife 1 and think that commited relationships expressed in the declaration and execution of the promises of marriage 2 is an important part of society.

But £150?  What does that achieve?  Are people supposed to say “Hey, there’s a great tax break…let’s get married!” in response to the promise of £150?

Come on Tories, stop pledging to waste my money and come up with some ideas that will really fix society!!

  1. of 5 years and 2 days…YAY!
  2. if you’re married, and took the traditional vows, I urge you to go read them, think hard about them, work out where you’re letting your spouse down and resolve to fix your broken promise…then do it again next week…and the week after…etc