Stating the Obvious

Still on the election…*yawn*

So, Labour have announced 5 main pledges:

  • Secure the recovery
  • Raise family living standards
  • Build a high-tech economy
  • Protect frontline services
  • Strengthen fairness in communities

I like these pledges.  They are good.  But…well…isn’t this the bare minimum that our politicians should be doing?  I mean, the opposites of these are:

  • Secure the continuation of the recession
  • Lower family living standards
  • Maintain a low-tech economy
  • Damage frontline services
  • Weaken fairness in communities

OK, so I don’t really thing the Tories will be stating that they’re keen to do any of those – even though some of their policies might?

What do the Tories offer then?

  • Act now on debt to get the economy moving
  • Get Britain working by boosting enterprise
  • Make Britain the most family-friendly country in Europe
  • Back the NHS
  • Raise standards in schools
  • Change politics

Ooh, ooh.  “Change politics”…something Labour aren’t doing?  Though, change politics in which ways, it’s all a bit vague right? 1.  But really not much different.

So who’s going to stand up and say something bold, new and different.  Who’s got the big ideas that are going to lead Britain well in the next four years?  Who’s going to do more than the bare minimum I expect of my government?

I don’t see much on offer from these two.

  1. as high-level pledges will always be